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Does anyone have any of the stories by Goddessofbirth? I'm not able to locate anything that she has written except the few things that it looks to have been posted to AO3. I really want to have the entire Spiral verse series if possible.
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Hi, I am searching for two fics; I can't seem to find them amywhere and, what's worse, I, for the gorram life of me, can't remember the titles. Please help me find them because they were absolutely awesome.

FIC 1: Jayne has to have sex with River, with Zoe and Inara looking on, in order to save her from a cult. Major angst comes from this and River is possitive she has "broken" Jayne. Happy ending though, if I remember correctly. UPDATE: found it, kinda. The story is Choices by Mik109. It was on, however, it seems the author has taken done all his/her work.

FIC 2: Turns out Jayne was a victim of the Academy too. When he was an infant, scientists injected him and a bunch of other little ones with a concoction that was meant to make them hyper-aggressive and "alphas"; Jayne is the only one to survive because his mama rescues him with her dog, Mattie. Fast forward to PostBDM and Jayne is triggered, going batshit and killing people chasing River before he rapes her, through no control of his own. He then chases down and starts killing all those linked to the Academy, in atonement. Meanwhile, River is pregnant and goes to find Mama Cobb, knowing that Jayne will end up there. The scientists, including the woman from the Miranda wave, have restarted the experiments on Jayne's planet and so the crew must shutdown/destroy it all.

Firefly Fanfic #1: Two Birds

Title: Two Birds
Author: Skyler Galt
Rating (E through A): E
Characters: Simon Tam, River Tam
Genre: Sci-fi, General, Fluff
Timeline/Spoilers: Any time, perhaps after Serenity
Summary: Simon tends to River in the medical bay after a job gone wrong. Flash fanfiction.

“There’s pain,” River said, as if the blood trickling from her shoulder wasn’t her own. She stared at the medical bay door, beyond Simon. Perhaps beyond Serenity.

“I have some Propoxyn.”

Simon glanced up from his neat row of stitches for a sign that she’d heard him. There was none. Her eyes remained distant.

Then, slowly, her hands rose to the height of her shoulder.

He handed her the clamp and curved needle, careful to avoid pulling on the sutures as he did so. She took them. He removed his gloves and opened the nearest drawer.

It wasn’t a large bullet wound, but if he ever found the thug responsible, he’d pay Jayne to do what Jayne did best. Quietly. Permanently.

River’s voice interrupted his thoughts.

“He didn’t mean to hurt her.”

Simon retrieved the vial and syringe. He closed the drawer with more force than necessary.

“But he did.”

“Inconsistent barometric pressure and wind speed contributed to inaccurate bullet penetration.” River looked over at him. “He was aiming for you.”

“I know,” Simon said. “I’m still not sure he missed.”


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Hi. It's been years since I read firefly fics and I have lost my bookmarks. There are a few stories that have been running round in my head and I hope you can help me find them again.

1. Jayne had to have sex with River to save her from an evil cult thing. Zoe and Indra were there as well. It focuses on how Jayne deals with the aftermath and river feeling guilty because she knew this would break him inside. Eventually everything is sorted at the end happily.

2. Simon is kidnapped. All I really remember is he manages to escape and gets a door open to the outside only to fall into someone from the crew. He's badly beaten

3. Any general recs for River/Jayne, long and complete, or hurt! Or kidnapped! Simon fic would be nice. Not pairings nessecary, gen works for me. Again, long and complete if possible.

Thank you very much!

Serenity's First Krimmus (All Ages, post-Serenity, Ensemble)

Title: Serenity's First Krimmus
Author: vikingprincess
Fandom/Characters:: Firefly (post-Serenity), ensemble with established Kaylee/Simon, implied River/Jayne, and past Zoe/Wash
Rating/Warnings: All Ages, maybe a little tear-jerky?
Word Count: ~1620
Written For: jessikanesis' prompt "Serenity's best Christmas ever."
Summary: Sometimes, a little tradition from Earth-That-Was can go a long way.

Serenity's First Krimmus
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Fic Search

So, I remember reading a fic a while ago, that I really, really want to find again. I'm hoping someone here has it book marked, because I can't remember any of the details well enough to find it on Google :/

So, the story was that the crew go to Kaylee's home planet to visit her family, the governor of which turns out to be River and Simon's godfather or uncle or something. River sends a coded message to him, and she and Simon get kidnapped, basically, and are forced to visit with their parents, who think Simon is crazy and kidnapped River from school, etc. There's a scene where Simon ends up proving what he says was going on because the governor hires a doctor to check out River, and the guy basically starts consulting with Simon right there, confirming that Simon had been working in River's best interest. The crew end up staging a rescue, part of which involves Inara taking a job as tutor for the governor's granddaughter.
It's got canon pairings/attractions: Simon/Kaylee, a hint of Mal/Inara. There was also a River/OMC bit at the beginning, after which River freaked out because she's not supposed to be attracted to people.

Anyone know that one?


Fic Search, please help if you can

I've been trying to remember what this story was for almost two weeks now and searching through links I have saved has gotten me so dang depressed at my lack of organization skills, so I'm really hoping someone can help me out.

All I really remember is Jayne and Rive somehow ended up married and before she'd give him a divorce they had to sit down and Jayne give her some of his mothers knitting?

It's just so strange that I can't remember anything but that one little bitty bit. If anyone can help me I'd be so very appreciative, I'll give out a billion mental hugs!

Thanks guys and gals

Looking for Inara/Jayne fic

What I remember is that Inara's license expires and she isn't allowed to renew it. Mal and Zoe are sort of together and Zoe gets, or is, pregnant. Inara gets close to Jayne and Inara becomes the pilot for Serenity. I remember that at the end they go to the companion training house to pick up Inara's stuff and there is a trainee that disapproves of Inara's choice.

Any help would be great, thanks.

Fic Search Jayne/Simon/Mal

Hi guys,

I started thinking about a fic I read many years ago (at least 5-7 years ago, if not more), and its driving me crazy that I can't find it now!

Its a pretty explicit (and kinky) slash fic series involving Jayne/Simon, with elements of Simon/Mal. I feel like it may possibly have started with Mal giving Simon to Jayne somehow,, and then later regretting it? IIRC, as the series progresses, Simon  becomes increasingly dominated by Jayne and his feelings become very conflicted. I think there is also something to do with a book of Chinese poetry which Simon is reading to Jayne, and the series titles take their names from lines of poetry.

Does this ring a bell with anyone? I think it probably  must have been among the very earliest firefly fics, as I remember it being a very formative experience for me!