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Welcome to Firefly/Serenity Fanfic! Please share your beta'd fanfic recommendations and stories here! All fanfic authors interested in posting their stories about the characters of this show (or the Big Damn Movie), please feel free to do so here. A few rules to mention first:

1. All stories and recommended stories must include a rating. Ratings should follow the guidelines of the ESRB (since the MPAA is currently attempting to sue all fanfic boards using their ratings) at http://www.esrb.org/esrbratings_guide.asp. If anything is included that could be conceived as offensive (e.g., slash, rape, extreme violence etc), you must also include a warning.
2. All stories must include a disclaimer, since sadly, we do not own one of the best shows to ever be cancelled before its time.
3. All stories and recommended stories must have a beta. If you don't have one, betas can be found at fireflybeta
4. If your story or rec includes spoilers or ideas from the movie or episodes, please provide that information so that we are forwarned.
5. All stories (if posted here) must have the main text of their story placed behind a LJ cut.
6. No flaming or offensive comments are allowed.
7. No incest stories (sorry River/Simon shippers).
8. No self-promoting please (e.g., don't rec your own fics); however you can feel free to post a link to them.
9. Please follow the following format when posting stories/reccomendations:
Link (if not posted here):
Rating (E through A):
Pairing (?/?):
Genre: (PWP, Action, Sci-fi, General, Romance, Comedy, Fluff, etc)
Warning (if applicable, including slash, rape, extreme violence, etc):
Disclaimer: (if you're posting in this community, I assume the authors of linked stories will have one with their story)
Link to previous chapters: (if this is a multi-chapter fic, please list links to previous chapters here)
Why you should read: (if you're posting a rec, tell us why we should read the story)
10. If your reccomending several different stories that have different pairings, character focus, or genre please list them in a seperate post so that they can be more easily catagorized.
11. If you are posting a multi-chapter story, please provide a link to all previous chapter posts for the story, in order to assist in searching community links and memories for certain genres and pairings. Only the final post with links to previous chapters/posts will be added to the community memories and search tags.
12. LJ Community and new website pimping is allowed, provided that they are related to fanfic for Firefly or the Big Damn Movie. One community pimp allowed per member per month.

The administrator reserves the right to delete entries posted to this community at any time, if any rules are violated or if the content of your post is offensive.

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